Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The next steps

After we found out we were pregnant, we started searching for care providers. That was a particularly hard time because we needed to find a place that would give free or next to free health care for mom and baby. And someone who would see patients regardless of insurance status. You're probably thinking that such a place doesn't exist...but it does.

After a little bit of sleuthing around, Jen found a place here in the Northland that provides natal care for mom and baby. Not only that, but it will clothe, feed, diaper, and furnish the child for the first two years of it's life. Not only that, but it's a Christian organization that is supported solely on donations and exists to reach low-income women (and just recently, men) who usually are in a crisis pregnancy situation. They offer Bible studies and Christian support to all who will accept it. It's a pretty cool place. All that a patient has to do is qualify for Medicare.

Through this place we have free check ups, ultrasounds, medical testing (glucose and what not), and hospital visit. It was really a blessing that we found such a place.

Just recently this place has started offering classes for the men who have fathered the children. The mission of the organization as a whole is not abortion (obviously. And ironically enough, they are located right next to Planned Parenthood) or adoption but family. They are seeking, as rightly they should, that families be brought together and/or established so that they child will have the best possible situation in which to grow up. A men's ministry in the area, the Kingsmen, have come alongside this place and is offering classes for men on how to learn how to be fathers and to go back to school or to get a job or to whatever you can think of that a man might want to know concerning babies, fatherhood, and how to keep from having more babies unexpectedly.

The world needs more places like this one.

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