Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The child shall be called...

We decided on a name. It's been thought of for a while, but now's a good time to tell. After careful consideration, lots of asking around, and sounding his name out (Caedman evidently sounds like "caveman." Thanks Omar!) we decided on one that we could both live with.

Is that how a name should be decided?

It works for us.

So without further adieu...

...the firstborn child of JD & Jen Reynolds is...


...William Ellis Reynolds.

But we're calling him Liam for short.

So...his name is Liam.

But in all actuality, his name is deeper than just something that we compromised on. William is a family name on my side (the first Reynolds in my clan in America was named William). Ellis is the English form of Elijah, which we like a lot (but couldn't use because it's currently being used by other family members). And both names have strong meanings. William means "will, determined, resolute." (Is that a redundancy for a Reynolds' child? Think about it.) Ellis (Elijah) means "the LORD is my God." All in all, we like. And in a family where nicknames abound - along with the fact that it's just cool - who can resist the name Liam?

So there you have it. William Ellis Reynolds. Liam for short.

You like?


Sarah Lewie said...

Indeed! I like Liam.
Although since Caedmon's Call is my alltime favorite band ever, I'm a little sad that I can't call your kid Caedman. =)
Hope things are good!

Sarah Lewie said...

Thanks for the new readings. Although, it may very well keep me so occupied at work that I don't get to play with all the files. =)

How are you and Jen? Ready for the little guy to come?