Monday, July 7, 2008

The First Post

This is a test of the emergency...

Wait. No it's not. But this is a test post. Does it work? How now, brown cow.

This site will be devoted (hopefully) to the development of the Reynolds' family ala JD and Jen. A little one is on the way - due in September - but for now we have a Ruby to keep us occupied. Please stay tuned for more information, more action, and hopefully more fun.

Thank you for choosing to ride with us.


Barbara Hargiss said...

Hi Jen & JD and new baby boy to come! I don't get the chance to check my e-mail to often but what a nice surprise it was to get your new "Blog" page info today. Your little baby boy is so blessed that God chose you both as his parents.
Keep in touch and let us know when he arrives. Love you. Bara a.k.a. CSU mom

Vanessa Combrink said...

Hey you two! You are so goofy! I love the idea though. Can't wait to see you soon at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

so have y'all decided? caedmon? liam? cheri? and you're moving to colorado, right? i thought so ;)