Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family so far and update

Liam has already met some of his family. In two weeks time, he'll meet more. For now, though, here are some more pictures.
We also had a visit from our Sunday school teacher and his wife and another girl from our Sunday school class who happens to work at the hospital we delivered in.
Jen get released tomorrow. We will promptly be traveling to Topeka to stay with her mom for a few days. We're not sure where we'll spend the weekend as Jen's mom is leaving from KCI on Monday morning to go to a seminar. Next week will be spent either in Topeka house-sitting or in Kansas City; since I have stuff due in two classes next week, most likely Kansas City. But, once the weekend comes, we'll be Bonne Terre bound so that Liam can meet Grandpa Jim and Aunt Jamie and Great-grandma Shy. And maybe even his Great-grandparents Reynolds and his Great-uncle Richard. Who knows what the weekend will have in store for us?

Grandma Doris (Deej)

Grandpa Randy

Aunt Emily

Step-grandma Natalie


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