Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4 Week Check-Up-Date

Liam was 4 weeks old on Monday and had his second doctor's visit (which he hates very much). He's up from 6lbs 14oz to 7 lbs 12oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. Jen and I think he should be bigger than that considering pretty much all he did this past weekend was eat. But the doctor said he's right where he should be, so no worries.

We've spent most of the last month in Topeka, KS, at Jen's mom. First we spent a week there house-sitting while her mom was out of town. The weekend we were supposed to go back to Bonne Terre just happened to be the weekend that a hurricane(!) passed through Missouri, so, after picking up Doris from the airport, we went back to Topeka. We came back to our apartment the next week and found it was infested with crickets. Having to stay because of a baby shower at church, we promptly left after a week (a week of pure hell. It was like living in a live bait shop.) and went back to Topeka so that everything we own could be sprayed with insecticide. We're spending the next few days here in Kansas City until Thursday, when we will make the trek across the state to Bonne Terre to finally visit my folks (along with other familial visits).

Not a whole lot of milestones have occurred. He's to the point where he doesn't sleep all day long anymore. And he likes to look around a lot. He does scream horrendously loud when he's hungry, though. Life is just so hard for a little guy.

Week 1 @ home

Ruby's first encounter

Brogan Guffey and Liam Reynolds

You takin' MY picture?

Ruby making sure Liam is alright. She's a concerned pup.

Checkin' out the scene.

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